M600 with ender 6 ????

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    Nobody knows how to do that with ender 6??

  • @Gracy its not this. the m600 is used to automatically pause during printing, without having to be there. unfortunately this printer cannot do this kind of thing due to its limited firmware.
    it would be nice to be able to access the firmware and configure things like this or adjust the pid or extruder steps. I feel like I was wrong to buy it, I am thinking of changing the motherboard and screen to be able to do those things so necessary.

  • Gracy, I read your reply no less than 10 times trying to understand how you can use M600 gcode with Ender 6 but I still cannot figure out how to do that at the Start and End Codes. I own an Ender 6 and am trying to change the filament at a specific layer with M600. I am really getting to the point to realize that is undoable with Ender 6 unless Creality update the firmware. Please advise.

  • @Gracy Yes, I agree. But in this case you have to be in front of machine in order to do the filament change in the appopiate layer .... with filament change option ..... you can do different things than to vigilate the machine till layer target .....

  • @themacboy I guess the suggestion is to insert the M600 command into start and end gcode sections, so you can change filament before and after every print? 🤔 😜

    Maybe this is more of a Cura Post-Processing Modify GCode kind of thing. If M600 doesn't work on this firmware, then there are some other options to try to achieve the same goal... but the OP never mentioned what that is.

  • @majvie said in M600 with ender 6 ????:

    I hope they can solve asap with a firmware update or I will sell it and I will not recomend it anybody.

    Thanks for your feedback, we will feedback your demand to the product manager.
    If you want to change filament, you can press the pause button on the screen, and the replacement of filaments should be completed within 10 minutes without using codes.

  • @Gracy I think you are wrong. In this area you can load the initial and final routine. To use the M600 command the firmware must allow you.
    For the moment ENDER 6 doesn't allow it. It is a shit. Big printer, robust, stable, ...... one extrusor and it can not make change filament during printing process. I think it is a error from creality side. I hope they can solve asap with a firmware update or I will sell it and I will not recomend it anybody.

  • this example makes no sense to me. Not to mention the same.

    Can you better explain how to set up the M600 on a Creality motherboard with limited marlin?

  • Hi, @majvie You can load M600 into slicing software according to the following picture steps.



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