Newbie, struggling!

  • Ender 3 V2... only playing with thin since January, somewhat successfully until recently. Using a file previously used (successfully), I needed to print the item again.
    Whenever I attempted to set the nozzle temp, i could do nothing more, and a blue line crossed the screen from left to right and the screen reset as though I had just turned the printer on. Creality have not been of much assistance. That said, it is suggested a thermistor (I’m new to this and had no clue what it was) has failed.

    Creality want me to unplug the nozzle port from the motherboard and report back with a temperature which will apparently appear, and I have no idea what port that might be!

    Motherboard is V4.2.2

    It is simple if you know, but I don’t know, so it is not quite so simple.

    Thanks in advance for any help?
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  • hi,@Heykid41 Refer to the picture, unplug the wiring of the nozzle thermistor, check whether the nozzle temperature display is -14℃, if so, the thermistor is damaged, please replace the thermistor, if not, then the motherboard is broken, you can replace the motherboard. You can refer to the videos for replacement.


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