Ender 6 cover - Sensor broken during installation

  • Hi,

    I've bought the Ender 6 top cover through a local online webshop. The box came with no installation instructions however the assembly seemed straight forward. I ran into a problem when installing the (temperature and humidty senor). As there were no instructions I assumed I had to push it through from the top.

    When I wanted to do this I had to apply some force probably because of the cover lids. However as nothing happend I started to push a little bit harder which resulted in the sensor which jumped open and all components fell apart. The outer lids were also broken off.

    I am wondering if I was doing it correctly. Would be good to have had some guidance/instructions or a video.

    I also read on another website somebody else had the same issue.

    Did a quick look-up and could not find a way to order this sensor as a spare part.

    Any advice on installation (so that I know the next time) and if I can order the sensor as a spare part?

    Thank you


  • This post is deleted!

  • hi,@xtbe there's no installation video of the cover, and you click here and order the sensor.

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