Start printing at 10mm above bed

  • I am using Cura slicer and Creality 10.
    I want to print some base material up to a 10mm height and then add a spiraled vase on top. How can i get the spiraled portion to start printing at 10.2mm?

  • I worked out a solution that was better than the problem I posed. I got it to print the whole thing in one shot. I was able to resolve this in the slicer by setting the bottom thickness to 10mm and number of bottom layers to 50 and the special mode to spiralization. . The bottom portion came out as normal printing with 20% infill and after the 10mm mark it did the rest as spiralization. Thanks to all for the input. I'm pretty new to 3D so there are lots of challenges. Again, my thanks.


  • @SK
    with Cura you can move your object in x/y/z axis but 10.2mm on a 10mm block look as a support (0.2mm Space) and probably your top item will not fuse on the base one (and probably not able to stick on it).. you want to fuse 2 things vertically?

  • Hi, @SK It can not be solved by setting slicer. You can solve this problem from your model

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