Ender 3 V2 - Pause at Height resumes quickly on own.

  • can we please just get the real fix...
    PLEASE!!!! ive been on this all day and it seems like everyone is chaseing their tails...i have only had this v2 for 3 weeks and today i have read EVERY post since march 2020 and NO ONE HAS FIGURED IT OUT...really? you can see were 15 hours of trying to get this to work has gotten me..so creality isnt helping sales with issues that seem like they are easy fixed... i went through this crap with quadcopters and the firmware and configurator BS 10 years ago and it seems that the general public is generaly left out of the fixes to these issues that are not known when purchasing a 3d printer....or some new tech thing...
    like this, if you bought a car but the dealer said there may be some issues with the tire wear and the car may or may not preform as avertised....WOULD YOU BUY IT just to see if you could fix the problem, probally not, im guessing......15 hours with no luck, just another ulsur...

  • I am currently having this issue. I use the pause at heigh function in Cura with Marlin method selected and the printer pauses when it should but just starts back up whenever it feels like it.
    I'm trying to get to stop so that I can embed some magnets.
    I used the BQ (M25) above. The printer stops in the correct position, out of the way but then moves back into the centre and stops again. The display shows 'Print Paused' but nothing happens when I press the button to restart.

    Scratching my head here.

    TIA for any help

  • @drgleason
    Newbie here just wondering why you used BQ(M25) instead of Marlin(M0)? does the Ender 3 not use Marlin?

  • @drgleason
    Thanks for that as it worked for me.

  • I have found a way to do it with Cura 4.7.1.

    I used the "Pause at Height" command with the BQ (M25) option (found under Extensions/Post Processing/Modify G-Code). To make it pause correctly, you also need to add something to the "G-code Before Pause" command line -- I added M300 so it would beep when it was ready. If you leave it blank then the printer will only pause and then restart on it's own.
    [alt text]Cura Settings.JPG
    With this method the printer did a hard pause at the parked position and did not restart on it's own. I was able to do a filament change. However, I did make one additional change to the gcode to make it successful. I had to comment out the last extruder advance (that was set to reverse the "Retraction" entry), else it pushed a big blob out just as it started to print.

    ;script: PauseAtHeight.py
    ;current layer: 3
    M83 ; switch to relative E values for any needed retraction
    G1 F1500 E-10
    G1 F300 Z1.8 ; move up a millimeter to get out of the way
    G1 F9000 X190 Y190
    G1 F300 Z15 ; too close to bed--move to at least 15mm
    M104 S0 ; standby temperature
    M25 ; Do the actual pause
    M109 S200 ; resume temperature
    G1 F1500 E10
    G1 F1500 E-10
    G1 F300 Z1.8
    G1 F9000 X122.478 Y111.115
    G1 F300 Z0.8 ; move back down to resume height
    ;G1 F1500 E10 I commented this line out
    G1 F1500 ; restore extrusion feedrate
    M82 ; switch back to absolute E values
    G92 E338.46292

    I was also able to get it to hard pause by adding text to the "Display Text" box, however, this extruder would move to the park position, briefly pause, and then move back to ~1 mm above the start print position before it would hard pause. It was very difficult to change the filament in this position without making a mess.😠

    Hope this helps!


  • Dear @wmyhal

    Have you tried the method that our engineer support? Does it work?

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution other than octoprint?

  • @admin
    It seems that installing a raspberry pi helped me solve this issue. I was able to get the printer to pause and stay paused after hooking up Octoprint and Cura integration with the API.

  • @admin
    I've downloaded the file and added the pause at height functionality. It does pause but unfortunately, resumes on its own still...

  • @MikeeB

    Please print this model and set it to 5 to pause when printing to 5mm height. If you still pause for 10 seconds and continue printing, it means that the printer firmware restricts the pause function

    And there is a gcode document will send to you by email

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