Why the printers can not read the SD card?

  • For those who are new to 3D printing, you may encounter a problem with the printer not being able to read your SD card. Here, I'd like to share a few ways to help you solve this issue.

    1. Make sure the memory of SD Card does not exceed 16 GB, it’s recommended that you use a card with around 8GB of memory.
    2. Make sure that you have successfully slice the .stl files and reserve it as .gcode files. The printer only can read the files in right format.
    3. If the files or the printer can not read the card, try to format and reload it.
    4. Make sure to place files directly in the root of the drive, and not place them in any folds. Because the printer can not read the file in the fold.

    If you have any more ideas, please share with us!

  • @Helium3 you're welcome😊

  • @Yolanda
    thanks Yolanda!!

  • hi,@Helium3 In general, sub folds are not recognized. Printers will only read Gcode or bin files, so it is recommended to put the files in the root. As for the bin file, it is produced by the computer running, and does not affect the printing, you can choose whether to delete or not.

  • @Yolanda
    hi Yolanda,
    i was not sure for the limit and you confirm why i can only use my old 16G cards (8G is hard to find today).. i can use sub folder less problem on my cr10v3..

    i have a question..
    why (after the card formatted) my printer creat a .bin file and what is the purpose of this file??

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