Z axis issue

  • Any time i go to print I auto home first and then hit print. my printer will re auto home itself after I hit print and then immediately raise itself up about 4 inches until its ready to print then it will come back down and begin printing. the issue is that while its raised all the filament will start to drip out and sometimes it makes a mess and will mess up the initial print.

    Im thinking this is an issue with the Prusa slicer i am using, maybe a preset? it didnt do it with the files that came on my memory card but has done it with any file i print from thingiverse/prusa slicer.

    I cant find the setting on the slicer program



  • @sanhiram
    some use Teflon tape to avoid leakage (as a plumber) but never had to use it.. anyway, i agree that is zero fun to deal with any leak here!!

  • @Helium3 yeah that would be nice! Thank you for the help!! i also noticed that the filament was leaking around the nozzle i cleaned it up and tightened it and it seems to be better now

  • @sanhiram
    yes, if the filament start to stick around the nozzle, my print will be bad also for me.. some filaments i use do a loop when the temp rise and if ever the end touch the nozzle, i do a half turn back and clean the nozzle with a towel.. since i use PLA+ that look not happen for me but always the nozzle must be clean on my cr10 before to start.. i would like to have a nozzle with Teflon coating if ever that exist!!

  • @Helium3 Thank you, ill try turning it half way back to see if that helps, I have the ender 3 V2. its just a string of filament but it kinda curls into the nozzle tip and it get stuck and sometimes the initial print line does not clear it so when it actually starts printing my design the excess filament thats stuck around the nozzle with mess it up

  • @sanhiram
    what is your printer model? on my cr10, the nozzle leak around 5-6cm of filament each time i start a print (because the dilatation/expension of the filament when heating up).. to avoid it, i turn in reverse the extruder gear (half turn) at the end the last print or after rising the pre-heat (that look to liberate the pressure between the nozzle and the driver gear)..
    what kind of mess you have experienced?

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