Missing purchased accessories in delivery, do they come seperatly?

  • I have not received my purchased accessories either. My printer arrived almost two months ago. What is the status of this issue? I am backer number 2634.

  • Still waiting for a real reply from @admin
    I have no idea why they want to do this to there brand but I have no idea if I will ever see my add ons.

  • @admin
    Still nothing, the shipment info is incorrect
    and I dont know if I will ever see my ad ons

  • @admin
    I got a notice from pledgebox of a shipment, is it Fedex?
    It says label created and no shipment yet?

  • FYI, as mentioned I have the same addons as @symonty, so presumably in the same set of batches, and can confirm that I have received no emails or communication regarding mine.

  • @symonty
    Dear, I have confirmed that we have two batches that the add-ons are shipped separately, and they have shipped last week, please check the emails. Thank you

  • This is a test reply to your thread @symonty - I replied to this 4 days ago because I ordered the exact same addons that you did and also did not receive mine. My post has since gone into the ether, apparently moderated or not "released" for view? Here is another attempt.

    I have the same issue and was only told by support to look at the news page where it says nothing about the addons shipping separately from the printer for people who had orders with addons, only the info we were all very aware of which was that those of us with addons had to wait for our shipment. If there is other news that clarifies this it would be helpful to know. Otherwise, it appears @symonty and I are both missing something that should have been packed/shipped with the box.

    My backer # is 3802

  • @admin
    Any update, did you find my accessories and order?

  • I ordered the exact same addons and am in a similar situation. I messaged support and they told me that they would be shipped separately, and gave me a link to the status update page, which says absolutely nothing about this. All I see are updates of successful shipments of printers WITH addons. I replied asking for clarification of exactly what messaging talked about this separate shipment concept. I also asked if there was a timeline on the addons being shipped - and if they were waiting to ship addons until after all orders WITHOUT addons had shipped? Which begs the question why we had to wait in the first place since there is obviously no logistical issue. Well, it looks like we have one now?

    I have heard nothing back from support regarding linking me to an actual post about this with any kind of information, going on a week now.

    My backer number is 3802 - @admin I would appreciate if anyone could help me figure out exactly what is going on. I am not ranting, nor am I being unreasonable, all I ask is that we be communicated with and expectations managed.

  • Any update?

  • @admin Thx for the response.

    KS Backer Number: 1118
    PledgeBox: PB00600233

  • This post is deleted!

  • @symonty
    Dear, May I have your backer number, that I will check it for you.
    We do have two batches that the add-ons are shipped separately. Thank you.

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