Ender 5 Plus bed leveling issue

  • Hello
    I already had my E5P running for half a year with a pretty large negative Z compensation and the drawback to manually adjust the Z compensation for every print since it kept changing for most tries.
    After I dis- and reassembled the entire hotend and replaced the tubing I wanted to do a leveling from scratch. So I tightend up all manual leveling knobs, set the Z compensation to 0, auto-homed the printer and started aux leveling. After I was satisifed with the results and checked them twice I started a print. The Ender then started to print about 5mm above the bed. When I stopped the print and went back to leveling the same offset occured as it did in the print. I repeated that procedure several times with and without restarting the printer and I got the same results every time.
    Might anyone have a clue what the reasoning behind that behaviour is?


  • Hi, @Marschmellow The problem maybe caused by touching hot bed when you take the model, which lead to the need of adjusting Z compensation every time.
    you can flash the firmware, please down it in the Creality official website. https://www.creality.com/download.

    Here is the tutorial on flashing firmware:https://youtu.be/31DKYpykQ6U

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