CR-10 V2 power loss nozzle temp

  • Lost power during a big print for the first time today. I tried to use the power loss resume feature but the nozzle temp did not resume, it was stuck at zero. The bed temp recovered but not the nozzle temp. I had to pause the print and go in manually and set the temp. Is this a known issue? I have the stock firmware, not sure of the version.

  • @BMc75
    that is an issue for the creality conceptor/programmer.. a firmware correction and «voilà» (simple to do for who have created this firmware).. i suggest to compare your firmware version with the last one available from creality website for your CR10V2 here:
    but i don’t see there any details about what is corrected for each version..

  • @BMc75 yes, after the printer is power off, you need to reset the nozzle temperature mannually

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