Formware 3D Compatibility

    • Please allow Formware 3d to slice and export to Halot One file format. They say that YOU have to reach to them and allow that. Formware 3D is the only professional slicer out there for resin printers, but most of the features won't export to your format. So I can only do supports and export as .stl. I can't export a fully sliced file with anti-aliasing, and elephant foot compensation. My workaround is tedious, I have to generate supports in Formware 3D, then I have to import the .stl file in UVTools, where I apply the elephant foot compensation, and only then export to the horrible HalotBox joke tool.
    • Also, the print settings on the machine itself override any sliced data sent to it from software... so I guess that's why HalotBox is so basic? Files are sliced ON the printer?
    • You must fix the PAUSE button function, when you pause a print, the bed should move up so one can see if the print is going well. Pausing inside the vat is totally useless.
    • You need to find a better use for the nice big UI screen on the machine, the two still images (top and front views) don't help much. Why not show the current layer or the printed portion of the total part, you sure have the processing power in that board to do those things.
    • The other thing is that the X and Y axis are transposed? HalotBox shows the front to be narrow and the sides to be long with the default machine settings. This is very confusing.
    • Last, PLEASE remove the cartoon hero animation from the machine, it destroys all your efforts to make the machine be perceived as high quality or professional. Thank you!!!

  • I request the cartoon to be optional if it is being looked at for removal, as I love it.

  • Ok, @GK Thanks for your feedback😊

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