CP-01 post processed isue - Fusion 360

  • Hello there!

    I´m quite new here so let me introduce myself.
    I´m Danny, 28 years old and live in Belgium.

    I own a Creality cp-01 for about one year now and i want to explore new things with this great modular system.

    Creality has provided a standard software to export g code for milling but it´s limited alot...
    Only contour and one depth cuts only from a picture....

    I am quite handy with fusion 360 but i can't make it work that the printer can read the post processed files from Fusion. I have searched for an extension but they don't exist?

    I also tried to use Estlcam and post processed in Marlin.. But again not working.

    Am i doing something wrong? Or is it simply not possible?

    Kind regards,

  • @DadsDiy is there even this standard creality software for Mac? I couldn't find creality software that operates on Mac?

  • @DadsDiy hello I have the same problem. I use a MacBook pro and I need to find a way to generate files to engrave to the CP-01. I have tried with Fusion and it does not have settings for CP-01 for engraving. If you know any program I can use on Mac please let me know or also if any settings work from fusion 360. Thanks.