Ender 3 Max Hotend clog issue

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    Hi all, I just got a Ender 3 Max. This is a little long but has some good points to discuss. I have a Tevo Tornado but can't get it to work. I read just about every post on clogging. At least I am glad it is not just me having issues. I, after 3+year, think I am pretty knowledgeable about 3D printing. So..., I have not even gotten one print out of this printer. I checked every thing twice, tightened every bolt. Immediately I got a hotend clog. I would agree with others that I don't think the Gear Extuder is strong enough to push the filament through the hotend. But, with PLA the filament should be well melted as to just ozzie out of the hotend. One should not have to force the filament out. I have an infrared thermometer and tested the hotend temp. Assuming it is working correctly I get temps all over the place. And not one that read even close to the correct temp. From about 50c to 117c when the set temp was 210c. Most reading were much lower than 117c. I wonder if this is the issue. It does appear to me that the nozzle gets hot but the Heat Block is not consistently hot. If the filament can't get consistently hot or cools down even a little in the hotend it will clog. That why you do nt want to pull filament into the cold end when cleaning. Now, if my theory is correct then using a stronger extruder will only help to a point. YES, A better extruder would help to push the filament through the nozzle faster to help with the filament not cooling down as fast. But I don't think this solves the overall issue of not having liquid enough filament by having propper melting. To a point, I find that having more liquid filament does make it a pleasure to print with. And heating up the filament to a higher temp does not seem to help. I have had similar issues with my Original hotend on my Tevo. Where the filament would come out burnt. Trying to heat up the filament to a hot enough temp to sufficiently melt the filament. Also maybe even pushing the PTFE tubing all the way down also, one, helps for sometime. Because is seems like any gap in the tubing and the nozzle creates a clog. So maybe just a little buildup in the hotend over time pushes a gap in the PTFE tubing and the nozzle. At least that makes sense to me. That would explain peoples experience with clogs over time. Or one final thought. Said tubing just wares out over time do to the long exposure to heat. That would not explain my immediate clogging issue. I think my issue is heat related as stated above. I have a E3D gold hotend on my Tevo. I don't get very many clogs. As long as the Nozzle is well tightened against the heat break. No gaps. I have had other issues with my E3D hot end. Don't know what the answer is to this story.

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