CR-10 V3 filament sensor does...nothing?

  • I've got a CR Touch so I've flashed both the V2:

    CR-10 V2TF1.1.6.0BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueFilamentCheckEnglishandChinese.hex

    and V3:

    CR-10 V3TF1.1.6.0BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueFilamentCheckEnglishandChinese382.14.hex

    firmware (which both say right in the filename that they do filament checks), but neither seem to actually do filament checking.

    I can put filament in, the sensor turns blue, I issue a M119 and no sensor switch is detected. M412 just says 'ok'. I pull the filament out, blue light goes out, controller seems blissfully unaware.

    I just had my first actual filament runout (due to a filament snap) today, which is how I became aware it's not doing anything.

    What should I check next? What's the expected behavior and how can I test for it?

  • Take apart your filament sensor (really easy) and bend the arm just a tad more to connect to the filament a little more. Thats all that is needed.

  • hi,@rhester72 You can update the firmware below, and then test whether the sensor can work normally
    CR-10 V3TF1.1.6.0BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueFilamentCheckEnglishandChinese382.14.hex

    If it still does not work, it may be the sensor is broken, please change a new one.

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