Ender-3 Max and CR-Touch

  • Hi All,

    I've recently purchased the Ender-3 Max, along with the CR-Touch because...sod bed leveling...but it seems to be working against me at this point.

    The board in use is V4.2.2 with the Creality downloaded firmware for the BLTouch dated 22nd February 2021.

    The problem I have is the insane amount of live adjustments i'm having to do, despite using the bed leveling functions. I have even used 0.1mm leveling tools to get the perfect offset (At least to the best of my ability), in the middle of the bed before performing the auto bed leveling functions, and used GCODES both G29 prior to printing and the M420 S1 following for using already saved leveling information (CHEP on Youtube did this) following G28 (Auto-Home), as well as ensuring the Z-Offset is saved and also made sure to have the bed at it's usual temperature for warping purposes.

    For the GCODE specifics, I have attempted the following:
    -G29 after the G28 Homing.
    -M420 S1 after the G28 Homing.

    I didn't try G29 and M420 S1 together, as no where has it recommended to do that. I have seen people using both G29 to just perform the auto leveling before every print, and also seen the M420 S1 being used to use the settings already stored by the auto leveling which I would have done prior to any printing as well, but I have not seen them used together...if that is a possible solution?

    Everytime the print starts, i'm having to adjust the live Z-Offset, or the dreaded 4 corner Knobs to ensure the first layer isn't too close to the nozzle. But it seems like EVERY print, it's either reverting, not saving or just doesn't care that I have a CR-Touch.

    Am I missing something obvious? I have looked up numerous tutorials for both the BLTouch and the CR-Touch in amongst the usage of Ender-3 Pro (Not specifically found one for the Ender-3 MAX).

    At this point I am basically manually leveling the bed, which is exactly why I bought the CR-Touch (Meant to be better than the BLTouch).

    One thing I noticed so far is the BLTouch actually shows you how close to the bed your offset is, whereas the CR-Touch after homing, just goes up 10mm off the bed, so there is a little extra work to bring it down first, and then adjust it. On top of this, when it lifts off the bed, the centred point is the CR-Touch, NOT the nozzle...so measuring the nozzle at this point specifically seems a bit pointless?

    Any advice would be lovely. I have not changed anything major from the factory default, the only changes so far, is the CR-Touch and i've had it for about 3-4 days. I have attached an image where it's pretty obvious i've been live adjusting on the perimeter before the actual print, but I have to do this every time...i'm pretty sure it's likely the CR-Touch offsetting things, as it's meant to detect where the bed is and adjust itself, but it seems to be working against me? ps2i7zxb03n71.jpg

  • Hi All,

    I'm new into 3D printing.
    Recently bought a Ender 3D Max.
    Already added a dual Z-axis and now experimenting with the CR-Touch.

    I downloaded the firmware from Creality, but also compiled one with the latest Marlin 2.1.2 FW.
    Both of them seem to work.
    In my own compiled version, i put a bedlevelling matrix of 25 points.
    In my G-code "start" i added G29 + M104 S1 command

    The bed was manually set to a fixed position (screw tightened)
    Than z-offset was calibrated.

    Now the question i have, how do i know if the bedleveling data is used while printing?
    It is doing the leveling each time i send a printing g-code, but still i see a difference in printing height, especially in the outer corners.

  • Hi,

    Can I ask where you get the 22nd February 2021 (or later) firmware for your CR Touch?

    E3MX CR Touch Firmware.jpg

    As the picture shows I have a Novemeber 10th 2020 version.



  • Hey, just wanted to check and make sure you don't still have your z-axis limit switch plugged in. It's not exactly screaming at you in the instructions that came with it, I completely missed it on install. But you will see a small red sentence under the circuit wiring that says 'Note: Unplug the cable from Z endstop/limit switch.'

  • I have a similar issue with a CR touch on an ender3 V2. I have to adjust the z offset for every print and sometimes quite a bit. The bed leveling screws are solid and not moving and it's remembering my previous z offset. It's just off every print.

  • @Pottsy this video for help. https://youtu.be/_f4T75oQ3Cs

  • Hi, @Pottsy you can fill your issues and attach pictures or videos in this link:
    https://www.creality.com/service-request. You can also send an email to cs@creality.com and attach pictures or video. There will be professionals to help you.

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