6-SE Z-offset only good for 1 print

  • I've had continuous print quality issues in the two weeks I've owned this printer. The culprit, or at least it would seem to me, is the machine's inability to store the "working" Z-offset from one print to another. I recently had to break down the hot end to free a piece of PLA in the heat brake. Reassembled, reset the offset, and proceeded to print out the most flawless print I've had to date - Cura "Temp Tower". Feeling like I'd finally solved the print inconsistency problems I immediately tried to print the Cura "Extraction Tower" - bed cleaning, temp changes, et al were to no avail. The filament just rolled up in a ball around the nozzle with every attempt. Curious, I rechecked the Z-offset by "homing" the print head - the Z-offset had changed by 0.4 mm upward (paper slide under the nozzle test). Running the bed level afore this check almost drove the nozzle into the bed using the old Z-offset. I've literally spent hours leveling this bed out and trying to troubleshoot inconsistent prints only to be short-changed by a Z-offset setting that changes after every print.

    I thought it was just the machine that was delivered (MB Rel. 4.5.3), but scrolling through this feed it is apparently an unresolved issue common to everyone. Same responses on Reddit by the way....

    I would like to enjoy this machine for the $$ I spent, but I've done nothing but troubleshoot since it was delivered. One or two good prints to get your hopes up, and then shite for the next few days. If you've been able to find a solution for this please pass it along. I'm ready to return the whole thing to Amazon while I still can.

  • Thanks for the response Gracy, I'll give it a go.

  • Hi, @Ag_Back Have you installed BL-touch?
    Under normal circumstances, if the leveling nuts are not moved (just the four nuts under the hot bed), the z-axis offset will not change;
    you can fill your issues and attach a video in detail at this link:
    You can also send an email to cs@creality.com and attach a video. There will be professionals to help you.

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