Print to multiple printers via USB at once

  • Hello.

    I know there is plenty of controversy about printing by USB, but it has worked perfect for me. My pc is close enough to my printers that it don’t make much sense do the pi and octoprint thing.

    I am using creality Cura and connected with a USB to an ender3. Load my model, slice and then select to print to it by USB. No SD card, no pi, no octo. It has worked flawlessly.

    Now I want to connect another Ender 3. My question is, how can I print to 2 printers at the same time? Eventually I have 4 other printers, total of 6, that I need to print to all at the same time. So how do I go about this?

  • Hi, @bbroyles86 Every printer must have a port to connect it, so long as it is connected, it can print online. It means that if you want 6 printers to work at the same time, then you need 6 USB to connect the computer and 6 printer respectively.

    but we don't recommend you to do this, It is likely to cause problems. The design of printer is one-on-one, that is to say, one computer can be connected to one printer.

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