new ender 6; will not auto-home

  • Hello all,

    I just completed the build and began bed leveling. First problem; auto-home function slightly lowers the bed (z) then the horrific grinding noise when the x-y go from front right to aft left. Then no Z movement at all. Shut off machine, unplug for good measure, plug in, turn back on, then went to manual controls, where all 3 axes work fine. So back to bed leveling where the auto-home repeats the same trick, where it slightly moves z down, moves x-y to forward right then aft left, then just waits with the cube screen while no z motion occurs.
    I tried unplugging and re-plugging in the connectors, being extra careful to follow the directions, again. Then re-started the unit, selected bed leveling, and this time, after the x-y excursions, the z worked. But, the stop was set too low so that the leveling screws would not get the bed high enough. So I lowered the Z-stop a few turns, then selected leveling, watched the x-y excursion, but no Z movement.
    Tried all the same things with the wiring, then downloaded latest firmware updates and installed them.
    Still no Z movement with auto-home.

    I am at a standstill until I can get the machine to perform its own auto-home; how can I even think to print something when it will not go home?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    BTW: this ain't my first rodeo, I have two TAZ 6s and one Cubepro Trio, and used to have a TAZ 5 and a Cube 3.

  • @Yolanda
    I have the same problem with the same printer. I bought it approx 2 months and have not used the first time.

  • OK, I sent the video about 8hrs ago...

  • hi, @keklen Please send an email to and attach the video of auto-home in detail. There will be the professionals to help you.

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