New Ender 3v2 exruder only one direction

  • Received the printer Friday , assembled starting printing on saturday , printed several things since then. This afternoon this problem started.

    Go to extrude 50mm with and the extruder goes in reverse
    It ALSO goes in reverse when I put a negative (50mm) in there. I see it turning backwards as a result nothing come out of the hot end it just keeps reversing the filament until it come out.

    Firmware is 1.0.2

  • hi,@faspina From your description, you can try the follow methods

    1. Please update the firmware again, and choose the right version of the firmware (Does your machine is configured with adapter board or BL-touch?)

    2. If the issue can not be solved, you can check whether the extruder motor is broken. Connect the X-axis motor line to the extruder motor, and then use the printer to drive the X-axis motor (extruder motor), check whether it will reverse after 50mm movement, if the reverse movement happens, it means that there is a problem with the motherboard.

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