Runout false positives

  • I have had two long prints fail in the middle because of incorrect runout detection. They restart slightly offset, leaving a bad join line in the print. How to address?

  • The sensor has interference from the servo motor that it is close to. Unscrew the sensor and move it away and the print should work fine.

  • Hi have followed the instructions in this video to take the filament sensor apart:

    Inside, iI found a tiny amount of debris on the rollers, a bit of fluff inside the casing. Maybe this was causing the isssue, but i think also mainly because the circuit board was not firmly mounted enough.

    I have cleaned everything out, and glued the pegs holding the board down, so it can no longer wobble around.
    Since reasssembling, I have done a few hours of printing and not had the error happen again.

  • Dear @proffles

    In the case of PLA, please check whether the material cut detection switch is lit, if it is not lit, please disassemble the material cut detection switch to check

  • @admin here you go. Third time it's happened on this print already.


    What else do you expect to see? Video isnt really possible because it happens randomly at any time for no reason.
    Fix this please immediately! It basically means big prints are impossible on this printer!!

  • Yep I am getting this issue also. The filament sensor seems too sensitive. The filament has not run out, but the print stops and you have to press resume.

    And when it does this, the nozzle moving across the model & back cuses damage.

    Please can you fix the sensor to be less sensitive?

    P.S. the sensor is optical right? The filament i'm using is very slightly translucent, maybe this is problem?

  • @admin Same thing happens here. I'm printing fine and suddenly a screen comes up with the title "TIP" which doesn't even make sense in English. It asks me to check the filament and hit continue. It does this, like every 10 minutes or so, and when it does it the printhead returns to x0 y0 leaving a stream of extrusion all over the model. If I'm not standing there, I'm wasting build time and having the extruder cook for a long time (waste of electricity and shortening the extruder's life). I've stood at the machine, watching it when it failed and the filament runout light never even blinked. Maybe you need to have de-bouncing code in the filament error screen (ie: if the filament detector errors, pause for 500ms, check it again and if still in error, THEN run the homing /reset code, but if not, just ignore it). This is getting to be a real pain, is ruining the quality of prints, and seems to be a half-baked, unprofessional product. Please offer a real fix, not, "just disconnect the runout detector and fashion your own jumper to fool it, even though we marketed it to you as a selling point of this great, new machine, and you paid extra for it".

  • @admin This is not correct. Unplugging it from the board just gives pauses the print indefinitely...

  • @admin This does not work as a resolution of this problem for two reasons. 1) this is a feature we paid for, fix it maybe? 2) this doesnt even solve the problem as it just tells us to load filament. Whats going on here guys? Are we really just going to half ass this?

  • @admin the CR6se is randomingly pausing due for "filament load." This happens all the time. Its pretty frustrating. Specifically because there is no filament break or jame. You just have to hit the "resume" button. But it leave a clear line in the print.

  • @HVJ17
    Hi, Without such software, it can be canceled by unplugging the material break detection line on the motherboard

  • @admin Please provide a firmware that allows disabling the runout sensor.

  • @rjamison The issues you have.

  • @admin OK - what do you want to see, so I can be sure to capture it?

  • @rjamison
    Dear, we are not sure about your questions, please send a video for details, thank you.

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