BL Touch with Ender 7?

  • Anyone know if BL Touch is compatible with Ender 7?

  • Can ask how you got on with the BL Touch on the Ender 7?
    I am waiting for the delivery of my Ender 7 and am so used to BL Touch on my Ender 3 I am anxious to install one on the new printer.
    It looks like the firmware supplied is already configured for BL Touch? I have seen on YouTube there appears to be a menu option to indicate you have one installed.
    If you have managed to install a BL Touch, can I ask which cable you used? I have a spare BL Touch but the cable is split between 2 types of plugs at the board end - a jst type (white/black) and pin type (blue/red/yellow) - refer pic. On the Ender 3, the Board just accepts a jst type connector with all wires.
    IMG_20211019_110921 - Copy.jpg
    Thanks - I'd really like to know how you got on.

  • Dear @Pipeline_Intl

    The ender 7 is available for bl touch, we have the firmware on the official website:

    Ender-7 bl touch firmware.png

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