Installing E3D V6 hotend on Ender 3 Max

  • I am debating on what to do next when it comes to hotends on this printer. I can't get the current setup to print out of the box. I installed a Zesty Nimble V3 Direct drive, have not tested it yet because I broke the stock Thermistor wire. I am thinking of using an E3D v6 Gold hotend because I already own one. I could buy and install a micro Swiss hotend.
    I don't want to update the firmware on this printer. I would like to keep it mostly stock and hopefully working. I can use the M305 command to update the thermistor. I just need the values for the newest e3D T1000 thermistor or how to calculate these values. Also what are the stock values for the stock thermistor if I need to fall back to the stock thermistor and stock hotend. The only reason I am upgrading was just after buying this printer I am getting under/no extrusion issues, out of the box. So I am forced into doing something.
    Thank You for your thoughts,

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