CR-10 Smart Clogging

  • Curious if anyone else has had any continuious issue lik I have had with clogging. It seems I can run 1 print fine, then the next couple will produce a clog. Once I fully clean out the nozzle and hot end I can run 1 print just fine and then back to clogging. I've updated to the latest firmware successfully, 1.0.10. Tried a few different slicers (Creality Slicer, Cura, Prusa) with some different profiles but no luck getting it to print successfully on multiple prints without deep cleaning the nozzle.

  • I had the same issue. Check if the tube inside is well flush on the nozzle, a small space in betwen that ptfe tube and nozzle will have a clog. I solve this by tightening the 2 screws between hotend part and radiator in order to close the gap with heat break. Check also if extruder is not break, some crack happend to mine and I change it by metal one.

  • Already used about 2 kgs of PETG and 1.5kg of PLA, no clogs yet..... buttt i had to change the nozzle that came from china since it came obstructed with a melted PTFE.
    You should check for gaps between the PFTE tube and the nozzle/heatbreak....idk...

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