still cant print 3 months after i got my cr10 Smart

  • im at the end of my teather,
    not only did the iteam arrive broken ( which they eventually sent parts for)
    not only did the filmware just not work correctly (got a test one from them and it semi worked)
    theres no way to manually adjust the bed unless you considder shimming.
    abl will not level the bed offsets.
    Process is

    1. heat up nozzel,
    2. start abl,
    3. check with paper
    4. adjust z offsets from centre. 0.10 to 0.20 (cant micro adjust grrrr)
    5. start test print
    6. test print fails as its uneven and wont stick
    7. clean bed with IPA (yes its spotless)
    8. Restart from number 1)

    ive tried 4 diffrent filamens that all work great on my ender3v2
    this darn thing just WILL NOT abl and you cannot manually adjust anything.

    and why on earth does the ABL not heat the bed to 60?
    we need features.
    im litrally 1 stop away from sending it back and getting my money back.
    i did not sign up to be a machine beta tester.

  • hi,@DpDx 1. Try to update the latest version of the firmware.

    1. It is recommended to refer to the manual, which has the adjustment tutorial of Z-axis compensation (picture version);

    2. When the filaments do not stick to the hot bed, you can check whether the nozzle is too far away from the hot bed when printing the first layer (it may be that the compensation is not adjusted well). If the nozzle distance is appropriate or does not stick to the hot bed, apply a little solid glue.

    3. If the isssue still exists, please send an email to and attach the videos in detail. There will be professionals to help you.

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