Corrupted print / a square area appears

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    I have printed several pieces, the equipment has a month of use and some of the prints have this particular error.
    Once the printing begins, I am controlling observing the display and it happens that after some printed layers part of the display begins to show a square shape, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller, but from that moment, the exposure begins to copy that shape. , as if the file was corrupt.

    As this has happened at 5% and other times at 60% of the printing process it is expensive when it occurs due to the waste of resin.

    I do not understand where the error may be.

    If it were a slicer error, I don't know how to prevent it, even I started printing without the fep to see how the printing evolves before starting the real one.

    I have updated firmware and chitubox.

  • hi,@HMP Can you send me the stl file and gcode?
    From your description, make sure that whether the actual exposure will have this situation. Remove the tank and forming platform, and then print (do not read the model); If this is still the case, it is likely that there is a problem with the print screen.

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