Please return my sanity. Ender 3 v2 extrusion problem

  • I have been making sucessfully printing for over a month. And then it all went wrong. My extruder was (is) making violent clicking noises and then the print fails with the head gradually raising above the print leaving little or not filament. I have changed the extruder to an all metal one, replaced the hot end, replace the bowden tube and checked its seating, replace the nozzle. All this has given a slight improvement and I can run prints that test and confirm the bed is level and these seem to be fine.
    The problem occurs when I try a more substantial print which starts just fine but after about and hour the clicking starts and I have to stop the print. It appears to change as the z axis gets higher. Can anyone point me at possible causes/solutions

  • @frequentraveller
    have you tightened the filament tension knob and cleaned the extruder gear area? (your issue look mine after the first 2-3 weeks of use)..

  • hi, @frequentraveller

    1. Abnormal sound of the extrusion motor is probably that the nozzle is stuck by the filaments, so the extruder bounces back to abnormal sound. You can refer to the videos and clean the nozzle

    2. Check whether the fan of the nozzle runs normally, whether the fan speed is set to 100% during slicing, and whether the fan of the nozzle does not dissipate heat in time will also lead to plug;

    3. What do you mean "it appears to change as the z axis gets higher"? Can you explain in detail, or send a video by links?

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