Ender 5 Pro Heat and Change Filament

  • Hi All i seem to be having a few issues with my Ender 5 Pro.

    It all started when i first began using it and it would only ever print like 2 minutes and then stop and display 'heat and change filament'. i unplugged the filament sensor and have since had no issues with this happening after 2 minutes. my issue now is that after approx 2.5-3 days of constant printing into a 6 day print, it comes with this same message even though i have plenty of filament on the roll (my sensor is still unplugged). before i waste another load of filament does anyone have any ideas for me to try?

    Secondly my bed adhesion is poor, i have tried multiple methods such as kapton tape, glue but these either dont work or give me super bad finish on the bottom of my print. ideally i would like to be able to just print straight onto the heated bed. Im currently using regular 1.75mm PLA at a nozzle temp of 210 and bed temp of 60. any suggestions?

  • @JM3D hi, from your description, you can try the following methods

    1. it is estimated that the filament detection is broken and try to replace a new one.

    2. For the filaments do not stick to the hot bed, you can check whether the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed is normal when printing the first layer (the distance between a piece of A4 paper is normal);

    3. If the distance is not normal, it may be the issue of leveling. Refer to this video from 3:55 and try to level again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4YC541ii38
      you can also check the z-axis limit switch, each time the height of the zero is not consistent, consider changing the Z-axis limit switch.

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