Shipping Address Change

  • I am backer number 1604; I have been trying to get in contact with your CR6-SE support for 2 weeks now. Since my order did not ship on time, I need to change my shipping address as I am moving.

    I've tried multiple times with every eMail address you've advertised on the KS, on your website, on twitter, and your Customer service portal on KickStarter.

    I am a Canada customer with add-ons; my order has not yet shipped.

    Please contact me ASAP that I may update my shipping address.

    Thank you,

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have received confirmation from CReality that they were able to successfully update my shipping address. Thank you, admin, for your attention in this matter.

    In light of today's update however... I have no idea what the rest of you are going to do. 🤷


  • @mnementh
    Dear, please send your new address, and contact information to, I will send it to the main person to change.

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