LD-002R homing issue when vat is attached/unable to print

  • I have recently had problems with my printer. When trying to initiate printing or homing, the z axis and build plate moves down until it is about 1-2 cm above the bottom of the vat before “jamming” (this is the best way to describe it) and making some weird mechanical noises.

    For the record - I can still home the build plate seemingly problem free when I remove the vat and I have installed the latest firmware update. This problem persisted both before and after the latest upgrade.

    Any advise on how I should proceed fixing this issue?

  • @Libo From your description, you can try the following methods

    1. Refer to this video and level again

    2. Please check which part produces abnormal sound, whether it is the printing platform or the Z-axis motor;

    3. Remove the printing platform and try to home again to check whether there is any abnormal sound

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