Bltouch correct homing, but problem while printing

  • Hi,

    Nice to meet you all. Since a year I've been printing with an Ender 5 machine with great joy and good prints. Now I upgraded the machine with a V4.2.7 silent board + th3d software and a bltouch. All good, except for the bltouch. I calibrated the probe and it homes on the desired height of the nozzle to the bed, but when I start printing, the nozzle hits the bed. I searched the internet for solutions, but I couldn't find a pleasing answer. Could anyone help me out? I have used the end-stop connector, not the 5 pin.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, @Amazon62 According to your description, it may be caused by high compensation value, please according to the video tutorial on leveling to adjust the compensation value.
    Leveling tutorial:

    You can remove the limit switch used before, and the wiring of BL-touch is shown below.