Suggestions for a future firmware release

  • Just got a Halot one and there are a few pain points for me that id like to see addressed in a firmware update.

    1. when pausing the print it would be nice to be able to lift the build platform. having to wait an hour to 2 hours before being able to see if a part is actually still attached to the supports is ridiculous.

    2. the ability to set exposure times, lift , bottom layer etc settings within lychee/halot box would be amazing. at this point in time i have to write all my settings down and then manually punch them in when changing resins rather than just doing it all from within the slicer...

    3. with regards to changing the printing parameters on the printer itself (exposures/bottom layers etc) this menu really needs some buttons on either side of the sliders to increase or decrease the settings. for example when i try to adjust the exposure time i would often end up a 2.6 or 2.9 but i needed to be at 2.8. if i could just tap a button to reduce/increase it by 0.1 sec increments it wouldnt be as frustrating

    4. it would be nice to have the clean button have a timer on it. that way its not left on for too long.

  • The printer is really perfect and the option to go up the platform when pausing is missing is missing, as it can take hours until you realize it is not printing, and you should be able to change the parameters manually during printing

  • Hi, @tekkninja Thanks for your suggestions, I will give your suggestions to product managers.😊

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