CR Touch Issue

  • Hello all. I am having an issue with my printhead pressing against my print bed. I recently installed a CR touch after my BL touch probe had broken. I installed the new wiring, bracket, and sensor. I began having the issue, and installed new firmware version 2.08. I have flashed firmware several times, but issue still persists. What happens is when the CR touch is performing its auto home G28, the probe touches the bed, but does not retract so the print head continues advancing. I have also adjusted my print head so that it is level on both lead screw carriages. It almost seems like the sensor is having an issue retracting the probe. Any ideas are appreciated.

  • I found the issue to my problem. The mount that I was sent positioned the CR touch too low on the Z axis. This was causing my print head to press against the print bed because the probe did not have enough time to fully actuate. What I did was, I took a couple of those blue clamps that snap into the pneumatic line fittings, and positioned them between the mounting screws of the CR touch and the bracket. This created just enough space for my CR touch to sense correctly without my print head getting pressed into the print bed. Thanks for all the help, and I hope this helps someone in the future who is experiencing the same issue.

  • did you check which motherboard you have in printer? may have updated to wrong firmware also bltouch requires two wires to be switch an cr touch dose not so if you spliced in to old wires they may still be crossed.

  • @Yolanda Yes I use the Ender 3 V2.

  • @c-yondaze Could you tell me which printer you use?

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