CR-SCAN01 section? And USB question:

  • Am I missing something or is the CR-Scan01 not included as a group anywhere in the forums? Product wise I believe they listed it as an accessory, though I do not see a section there for it either on the forums.

    My question: What are the data and interface requirements on the USB interface with the scanner? When I connected the scanner to my MSi laptop w/a GTX1070 driving it, I noticed that the frames per second from the camera were dismally low, as in < 10 FPS. I noticed that some when changing from 10 to 12 or 15 FPS will see the frame-rate come up to match the setting (i'm assuming it throttles the FPS to at or below whatever you set it to?) However that's not the issue in my case.. if I set it to 15FPS it really bogs down to as low as .6FPS. I am trying to figure out where the bottleneck. The CPU on the laptop is a 8750H and it does quite well performance wise in just about everything else. I am doubting CPU being the bottleneck however as the CPU is not even breaking a sweat during the frame measurements. This is also a VR laptop, and I am able to run high resolution headsets off of the USB ports.. so I would not think it an issue there either - any guidance from Creality or anyone else who has seen this would be welcome!

  • I do not use FaceBook any longer as I got extremely tired of constantly having to monitor their constant ToS and Privacy changes. Is Facebook really the only avenue to get support on the CR-SCAN01? 😕

  • @EventHorizon hello please feel free to join this group for your cr scan needs, question, sharing.

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