Creality CR 10 S PRO V2 can ´t connect with my PC to try to update the firmware

  • Hello.

    I am using two creality 3D printers. One Creality CR 10 S pro for two years or so with very good experiences, and one Creality CR 10 S Pro V2 since past july.

    I use this printers for my job, as I am a shoes platforms and wedges manufacturer. I do the first design of each model and each size using my 3d printers.

    The V2 began give me troubles last week. It has been inpossible to do the automatic level. The nozzle crashes on the hot bed and it seem the z axis motor is going to break. I have to switch off te printer to stop this issue. I have seen this is not a rare issue. There is many casses of similar trouble in this forum and in the all internet.

    I am not sure how can this problem be fixed. I have write an email to the creality suport team this morning with a video of what was going on. I am sure I will be answered soon.

    One of the possible solution for this problem someone recomend on the internet was to reinstall the firmware of the printer. I did it once on my CR10SPro -to solve another kind of trouble-with good results. I have been surprised when i have noticed my V2 is not able to connect with the PC to reinstall the firmware from Creality website. When I plug the printer to the PC I can hear some noises , the normal noise the PC do when you connect something with it, and the noise the printer do when you switch it on. But the PC do anything. It donot try to look for the drivers or something. It do no show the printer connected in any port. Nothing.
    This makes me think there is a problem with the v2 machine.

    I have tried this connection on four differents PC to realize the PC was not the problem.

    Obviously is posible I am missing something or doing something wrong. Sure.

    Any sugestion ro help will be gratefull for me while I am waiting for the support team to answer.

    Thanks all. Carlos

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