Extruder will only feed in one direction after failed attempt to print?

  • I downloaded a free .stl model I found online and then used Cura to slice the model into a print file and saved it to the SD card that came with the printer. I then plugged it in and made some minor adjustments to the fan and the print speed. Then I left it alone for approximately four (4) hours and after making sure it was printing proper, I walked away. When I came back to check on the print, I decided to speed up the print (while printing, not paused) and then walked away again, anticipating a full print when I returned four (4) hours later. Instead, I found it had stopped printing at the exact point where I changed the speed settings and instead went into reverse feed mode and pulled the filament out of the extruder! Yet another failed print!

    Now I'm attempting to reprint and I have discovered that my extruder is now permanently stuck in reverse feeding mode, regardless if I turn the extruder dial towards the + or the - in the "Move" controls, which I use to prime the extruder before each print?


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