Update to Extruder in Reverse Feed Mode

  • I last submitted a post asking for help to fix a malfunction that occurred to the extruder of my Ender 3 V2 while printing. I changed the speed from "63" to "100" in the settings WHILE printing and did NOT pause the print to make the changes. Apparently making this change while printing creates a glitch in the system and the extrude automatically switches to "reverse feed" or "Clockwise" and pulls the filament out of the extruder and fails any further printing.

    I spoke with "Alex" at the company that sold my printer (via Amazon) and we turned off the printer and switched the cables from the X-axis motor and the Extruder motor and then turned it back on. We then used the "Move"/"X-axis" and the "Move/Extruder" and discovered they were both moving in the proper directions and the "X-axis" was extruding and reversing properly! I then turned off the printer and switched the cables back to the proper motors and turned back on the printer. After the printer heated back up, I moved the machine through the "Move" settings again and the extruder now operated properly again!

    LONG STORY SHORT...pause the print before changing settings or this may happen?

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