New Ender-6 issues

  • I got my Ender 6 a couple of days ago and I was excited to finally get to print some cool stuff. already see some issues.

    1. The bed or table has scratches on it the product looks used.
    2. I followed the instructions on what go were on the board.
    3. when I level the bed or try to, it doesn't know where position 5 or position 3 is at all.

    I feel like I shouldn't have to immediately troubleshoot right out of the box it should work like it's supposed to.

    Creality needs to set expectations they say it works right out the box when it clearly doesn't.

    I know it's an entry-level printer but I should have to do all these tests and then have to order parts. to me, Q.C. didn't do their job at all.

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