Source Code for Ender 7 firmware?

  • Creality, please provide the source code for the firmware. There are a lot of issues and needed tuning and mods, but those tasks cannot be done until we the users and owners have the source code! PID tuning, customize filament temp values, etc!
    Please make it available or provide all specs for the main board and printer so others can upgrade and compile firmware.

  • @LGV3D Are we getting any response at all? I feel I've gone backwards with this printer. Yes, it's fast and does a great job, but really? No Marlin config files?
    I mean, it looks like #define SPEAKER isn't even enabled! I am used to compiling my own Marlin, configuring it to my preference.
    What else worries me is the touchscreen software - I am used to the old LCD on the Ender 3 which would display whatever you threw at it. In the software file it looks like screens have to be created for everything.
    Is there another card/screen we can use? BTT or alike?

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