Ender 3v2 new but dead. seller promised warranty parts but disappeared.

  • bought an Ender 3v2 from 3Dgiant on eBay and it stopped powering up. Worked with seller to troubleshoot and it was decided the display module was bad. Seller promised repair parts would arrive in 15 days. Never received parts and the eBay listing and the seller no longer exists. Cannot contact seller. Will Creality cover the warranty and what would be the best way to get warranty parts?
    Troubleshooting results:
    Good 24v to control board.
    Good 5v on control board.
    Good LED on control board.
    Plug 5v supply into USB port and display barely shows a shade of light. (RPi 5V 2.5amp source for testing)
    When powering up, no display.
    Tried reloading firmware several times using different file names and display never lit up.
    Tried rebooting firmware via SD socket on display with no display appearing.