New firmware...REALLY?

  • Re: 📣📣CR-10 smart latest firmware has been unveiled

    REALLY? Why is it that when Creality release new firmware it feels like it's three steps forwards and two steps back. My Smart was working okayish at first (a few niggles that kept plaguing my prints) but it did print, now with the new firmware, it starts to print and then stops extruding. No glogs, no backing of filament, no skipping, just the E motor stops dead. did an extureder test and no issues with the extruder. Only started after new install.....I gave up and went back to my Ender Max. It looks like I'll just have to wait for some Creality brightspark to figure out where they went wrong with the firmware and do some proper testing before releasing it to those that fund them by buying their printers.

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