Ender 3 V2 Glass bowed...?

  • My bed to be leveled fine in all corners and in the center. Its seems after doing a few test prints the glass is now bowed in the middle. I can seem to get a solid print anymore without scraping up stuff in some parts and then barely sticking in others.

    I'm not sure how to fix this... I've only had the printer for a few days

  • Same for me. I would like to see manual mesh bed leveling on the ender 3 V2.
    There is no real need for BL touch if you just do it manual.

    It should be easy for Creality to realize that.

  • @MikeeB

    The hotbed board is a processed part, and there may be a little error. The deviation within 0.3mm of the platform is a reasonable range. It is recommended to pad a few sheets of paper at the four corners between the printing platform and the hotbed to offset the error, and add a raft when slicing;
    If the heating bed is severely bent, please remove the four nuts under the heating bed. Please refer to the video to measure with a ruler. If you can pass through 3 sheets of A4 paper, the error is large. Provide the measurement video and printer manufacturing code to your seller


  • @Cristian Yeah I started doing some research and that seems to be the issue. Kind of a bummer that this is a common issue. I was thinking about trying to get it replaced, but It doesn't seem it'd solve the issue.

    I'll have to look into a bl touch.

    Thanks man!

  • Hi i have that problem too, i solved it with a bl touch and some smith firmware.
    Also, some people recommend getting a few CD size aluminium foil discs in between glass and aluminium bed.
    Not sure any of those would solve your problem, but you can try.

  • Same problem here

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