CR6-Max Autoleveling and Home

  • When I try to Auto-level the hotend moves to bed centre and taps twice then taps twice more then stays in the centre of the bed and moves bed forward tapping as it goes. When it reaches the back edge of the bed it makes a horrible grinding noise and tries to go back even further. It used to go to bed centre tap twice then moved to front left corner of bed and worked its way to back left corner of bed. How do I fix this?????? Will reinstalling firmware fix it??????

    When I hit home the hotend used to go to the left edge now it goes to the right edge and makes horrible grinding noise as it tries to travel further than the edge of the bed. How do I fix this and would reinstalling firmware fix it??????
    Love my CR6-Max.

  • @Truck
    can you confirm that your x/y end switches work properly?

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