Is the Creality Smart Bl Touch 3.1 work on all Creality Printer (Ender 3 Pro) ?

  • I have the Ender 3 Pro, I bought the Creality BL Touch 3.1 for a Ender 3 V2 so it have only the mount for the 3 v2..
    I didn't notice this till I got me replacement board 4.2.2 , (could not update the firmware .) updated firmware on new board.
    I printed a mount for the Ender 3 Pro installed the Bl touch before so I already had it .
    so everything went well testing it did the auto home , tested the bed leveling ( 9 spots) nozzle was too high so I did the Z offset adjustment according to all the Youtubers Videos .. but I get a ERR:TOO FAR message when I try to save it ..
    is this because this BL touch is only for the Ender 3 V2 ?

    Thanks in advance ..

  • Dear @3DSNAFU

    We have different firmware for BL touch, please check if you flash the right firmware.

    If your BL touch has the green Adaptor plate, please flash the firmware with Adaptor.