Print in Y direction issues - Ender 5 Pro

  • I received my Ender 5 Pro a three weeks ago and had lots of troubling leveling my heat bed. Today I thought I got it to the best leveling I could get (after trying this for two weeks, watching videos, reading post, blogs, etc.). Today I printed a small part as a test and I noticed that when the nozzle is moving in one direction on the Y axles the print seems to be good (I don't want to say perfect...) while moving on the other direction on the Y axles the print is lousy! See the picture.
    the only thing I can think of that will cause this is that nozzle is not properly vertically aligned, hence there is an angle between the print bed and the nozzle. In one direction it is narrow where in the other direction its wide.
    Have you seen this behavior before? what do you think?
    Anyone can suggest a solution for this issue?
    I think this what through me off all this time trying to level my print bed with so much frustration.

  • @admin this issue was dur to a bed nozzle. for some reason the nozzle was not flat at the end point. this cause filament to be flat on Y movement forward and bulky on Y movement backwards.
    I changed the nozzle and it solve the issue.

  • @davidzohar

    1. When leveling, keep the distance between the nozzle and the four corners of a piece of A4 paper and produce slight scratches. Please check the distance between the nozzle and the two areas in the picture below after the leveling is completed.
    2. What is the printing speed, it is recommended that the printing speed does not exceed 50mm/s.
    3. You can adjust the print rate to 20 after starting to print and adjust it through the bottom leveling nut.


  • @admin I don't see any emails on this topic in my inbox. I don't recall sending this topic to your after sales team via email.

  • @davidzohar

    Dear, I have confirmed that you have contact our after-sales team, and they have feedback your email. Please check. Thank you.

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