New Ender 5 Pro User needs help

  • I have just purchased my first 3D printer and cant seem to get started. I also purchased the official Creality glass bed with it. My problem is i cannot get the print to stick. I have levelled the bed correctly, i think.
    I am trying to print the 3Dbenchy boat using the white sample PLA that came with the printer, but the problem is the first layer just will not stick properly. I have tried different settings in the slicer program including nozzle temp between 190-200. I have also tried the bed temp between 50-65.
    I have tried slowing the first layer down to 15mm/s and also tried printing it with a 10mm brim. Even when printing the brim it doesnt stick properly and it moves out of line has soon has the nozzle puts it down.
    I managed to print half the boat earlier but even then it wasnt stuck properly and it broke loose before it had finished.
    I am close to giving up before i even get started, any help would be much appreciated.

  • @SteveKirby
    i use methyl hydrate to clean the bed (when pre-heated) and use 50-60c for pla.. my pla experience for the nozzle is around 205-220c using the temperature tower calibration and retract tower for each type/color of filaments.. those calibrations are in the top menu in the Cura slicer.. i always do that when i open a new type of filaments not already saved..

  • @SteveKirby I suggest you start by cleaning the glass bed with Isopropyl Alcohol (99.9% pure IPA) to remove any oily film, including oil/grease from your fingers.

    Also check the white PLA sample filament by trying to bend it into a curve. If the filament breaks easily, then it has probably soaked up too much moisture from the atmosphere. If so, I suggest you order a new reel of filament. You can dry out a brittle filament by putting the reel into an electric oven for a few hours, but you need to keep the temperature low (less than 50'C).

    Start printing by printing something simple like this calibration cube: and use a Brim of (say) 8mm.

    Also, after leveling your bed, if you are not sure that your new glass bed is properly level across the whole area, just double check a small area near the home corner, and print the cube there (i.e. move the object in Cura slicer to near the corner, allowing for the width of the brim and then slice and print).

    I hope this helps.

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