New Ender 6 not working

  • I got a new Ender 6, but it has some problems i can not solve.
    The first prob ist, it will only start up when the SD-Card reader board is not attched. It will also run, when the board is attched, but not screwed on the housing.
    The second problem: The temperatures are both -15°. I measured 100k ohm at the cables the plug into the mainboard, so everything ist wired correct.

    I think its a problem with the mainboard, what can i do?

  • Today I received a new mainboard from creality, and my problems are gone! Look like your mainboard is fried.

  • I were in contact with the support, they send me a new mainboard.
    Now i am waiting for it, to test it, I will give you feedback when i got it!

  • Hello all,
    same problem here.
    I got my Ender 6 since few days.
    The first problem was the power supply in short circuit.
    I replaced it and now both the two temperature sensors measure -15 degree.
    I update to the last fw 1.0.3 but nothing has changed.
    Is it the mainboard?

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