30 Minute Start and Heating Issue

  • Occasionally, but with greater frequency, when I set my CR-6 SE to print, it will heat the bed and then starting heating the nozzle. The nozzle temp will reach it's target value (in the most recent case 220), but then it will sit there fluctuating a bit. It will stay like this for 30 minutes. Then it will begin printing, but when it does, it will reset the nozzle's target temperature to 0 and begin cooling. If I immediately catch it, I can manually reset the nozzle temperature to 220, and all is well. It is consistently 30 minutes, as though some sort of time out feature is triggered.

    This problem is inconsistent. It can occur or not on the same model. It can occur on reheat when replacing filament mid print (which just happened, at 5am, forcing me to stay away for an extra 30 minutes). Right now, it happens about one in three prints. It first happened a couple months back with PrusaSlicer, but also happens with Cura.

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