Big Problem with the CR10 V3 Bl-Touch

  • Hi Guys,
    I'm new in this Forum. My name is Lukas and I'm from Germany. At the beginning of the year I bought the CR10 V3 and the BL-Touch. I've got some problem at the beginning but I solved all the disturbances and the printer was doing a great job. One day, the printer just finished a job, I remove the printer outcome an wanted to start a new printjob. So the printer startet the autleveling sequence and after the first or second probe the Display sayes:

    Please reset

    Nothing was working anymore. So I gooled a bit an got in touche with the producer. They advice me to reflash the firmeware -> No change. So they send me a new BL-Touch, an new "compiler-board" and an new Motherboard. I changed the BL-Touch -> No success. I changed the Motherboard and flahed it for the BL-Touch software -> no success.
    So now I'm desperate because I'm missing the ideas for carry on with the problem.
    Before the printer "collapse" I was working with octoprint

    I'm happy for every idea

    Thanks a lot

    Lukas![0_1634737435070_Error.jpg](Uploading 100%) Error_3.jpg

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