CR-10 Firmware Update from SD Card

  • Re: Can't update firmware from SD card to my brand new Ender 5 Pro

    Hi all,

    So, the above question was asked a year ago, and received no responses! I'm now trying to flash my CR-10 with the correct firmware for the CR-Touch, but I cannot get the machine to pick up the .bin file from the SD card.

    Not impressed so far, I'm starting to regret buying Creality. Lot's of money and little support.

    Can anyone in the community help?

    Many thanks,

  • Yes, support is . interesting.
    did you watch the video? I think You have to rename the files . Not sure for your printer. The FB grp my be better option for you. 3D printing is lot of you-have-to-do-i-y self taught read up. Shame.

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