CR-10 V3 Firmware Issues (CR-Touch)

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a total novice, and received my first 3D printer 4 days ago. Generally, the setup of the CR-10 V3 was easy. However, I am having major problems with the firmware, and very disappointed in the so called 'official latest firmware'.

    I have the CR-10 V3 with a CR-Touch bed levelling probe. I have not been able to install the CR-Touch due to being unable to find the correct firmware. In addition, I have downloaded the latest firmware for the CR-10 V3 which is working, but my machine now reports as a V2. I've wasted days trying to resolve this, and I'm finding the Creality websites and resources very disjointed and unreliable.

    Can anyone please help me? Maybe a link to the correct V3 firmware which includes the CR-Touch?

    Many thanks in advance.


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